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It's 2012 in Kenya and the British Judicial system has granted the MAU MAU Freedom Fighters the right to sue the British government for the crimes it committed against these men and their families during the nation's fight against colonial rule/ the Mau Mau Uprising in the 1950's.
In the highlands of Limuru town, Wamiti (DAVID NGANGA) sits listening to this news. An ex Mau Mau veteran, he is overcome with a mix of emotions that he can't fully process. In an attempt to deal with the ghosts this news piece brings back to life, Wamiti delicately delves back into his past fighting back the hurt he's been shutting out for so long.
HIS TO KEEP is a poetic take on the consequences of Kenya's fight for freedom as seen through the heart broken words of a veteran who feels he lost more than he won during the struggle. Now, in his lonely twilight years, he realizes he might have made a sacrifice that ultimately left him with a deep sense of regret and with no loved ones to grow old with.


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