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Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s Keating Center for Capitalism, Free Enterprise and Constitutional Liberty hosted Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal as their guest speaker for the first Constitution Day since the opening of the Keating Center. Local radio ads in fairly high rotation promote the Keating Center’s Chesapeake Energy School of Business as being very pro Constitutional Liberties – following a general theme of ‘Energy Independence’ and Patriotism, Freedom, etc. that is being promoted locally. I don’t know if this same campaign is being pushed nationally, but I might imagine so if not as prominently as it is here.

I don’t blame the school for any part of my personal ordeal – let me be clear about that. I just thought it was the best Constitution Day event that I found taking place in Oklahoma considering what I believe to be a hypocritical campaign of ‘Freedom’ being pushed by the oil industry associated with the ‘energy independence’ movement and what I have endured here.

Yeah, I’m just one person, but that’s not really much of an excuse for it considering just how viciously I have been attacked for taking a stand for my Constitutional Rights and how they are specifically trying to promote themselves as being so patriotic, freedom loving, supportive of the US Constitution bunch of folks, etc. BARF!

I might note that I’m not just one person who is having their Fourth Amendment Rights under attack. I’m probably the most disturbing example of it in history though. I’m not being melodramatic – I really hope that what I have endured is unrivaled and will never be repeated.

There’s a big element of political slant portraying the Obama Administration being the biggest offender of attack upon the Constitution and my personal ordeal of ‘Surveillance’ and persecution being initiated by George W Bush and persisted to be pursued over the last nearly 14 years now being a major stumbling block to that portrayal.

It’s not a pretty picture for me personally considering how huge of a deal this is and how it can impact the political landscape (Jeb Bush 2016? God, I hope not!). I might recently have hope that there is a Federal intervention, but I’ve seen hopes of sanity being restored dashed many times at this point. I believe my life and suffering has been used for pushing political agendas of any number of different people over the years and there are a lot of people who have their hands dirty over it.

Anyway, however it plays out – I got to make them look like a bunch of ass clowns to record this and post it on the internet. Enjoy!


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