I Believe That Dreams Can Come True

(mm/ uh/ ng - try "mmm" then "uhhh" then "ng" separately first, then string the syllabi together), n. Chinese character for DREAM. Like most Chinese characters, it is made up of different characters; each part with its own meaning, and the sum of its parts painting a full story. The character 木 literally means WOOD. 2木s placed side by side : 林form the word FOREST. The character夕literally means ONE DAY or AT THE END OF THE DAY. When 林is placed above夕 like this: 林+夕 = 梦= DREAM. story. Through Tay and Val, the DREAM(梦) story that they tell, is one where seeds are planted in hearts so that ONE DAY (夕), you may grow your own FOREST (林). It is the story of why DREAMS are UNLIMITED. So梦on….梦BIG.

Illustrated, Filmed & Edited by Tay
Written and Directed by Val
Executive Producer: Steve Nguyen and Choz Belen
Associate Producer: Douglas Tran

This web series uses many sounds from freesound.org, for the full list, see here: alturl.com/kghv2

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