Rincones de España con encanto

Bagà is a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees. The village has a medieval origin and retains its old charm.

"Fia-faia is an ancient festival that originates from sun worship, a more or less general feature of ancient religions in agricultural societies. Worship is based on and around the solstices, which took place in the past on June 24th and December 24th. When Christianity became dominant throughout the ancient Roman Empire, many elements of pre-Christian religions were incorporated and Christianised. The summer solstice became Saint John's Day (San Juan) and the winter solstice became Christmas. The increasing importance of Christmas has smothered pre-Christian rituals, of which only a small residue remains. The "tio" (Christmas log personified as a little log person) is still a Christmas tradition in Catalonia and the Fia-Faia festival has persevered, although it is only known by a small minority. The fact that Christmas is a family celebration and people tend not to travel outside of their hometowns at this time of year means that the Fia-faia festival has remained a secret of the high Llobregat valleys, almost entirely unheard of outside these areas."
(Text: Xavier Pedrals Costa.)

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