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Myanmar Emerges is a year-long GlobalPost investigation into challenges facing Myanmar's nascent democracy. Part Two of the series, Oppression Economics, highlights economic challenges in Myanmar's grand experiment with liberalization.

Breadwinners follows the lives of working children in Myanmar. Experts say over one third of Burmese children work, ranking the country amongst the worst in the world for child labor. In Myanmar, child labor is not a minor social blight. Instead, it is a pillar of the economy. And and at this unique moment in the nation’s history, that economy is set to explode.

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Myanmar Emerges Documentary
• Promise and Peril:
• Behind the Scenes:

Myanmar Emerges — Part Three: Opium War
• Heroin State:

Myanmar Emerges — Part Two: Oppression Economics
• Breadwinners:
• Forsaken:
• Mock Stars

Myanmar Emerges — Part One: The People vs. The Power
• Poisoned Hope
• Dreams to Dust
• Resource Righteousness
• We Never Agree


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