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Dear viewer, if you like this movie, and if you would like to help the children and their families please support this film and the organisations connected to it. You can use the Vimeo Tip Jar to leave a donation. Proceeds wil go to the Paul and the Dragon Foundation to help the dissemination of the film to children with cancer and their families.

This film supports the efforts of the American Childhood Cancer Organization, acco.org/ and Vereniging Ouders Kinderen en Kanker, vokk.nl

Please visit their sites if you wish to support them directly or if you wish to order the film on DVD.

and help create awareness for the cause!

Many Thanks,
il Luster Productions & Anikey Studios

Paul is feeling sick and needs to go to the hospital. After several tests he is diagnosed with cancer.
He does not understand what is happening to him, and what the medications are doing.
He feels scared and alone. His doctor explains to him that the cancer is like a dragon in
his body that needs to be fought. As a true hero, young Paul fights the dragon, together
with the medications and the love of his family, and wins.

This film is for children with cancer and their families. The film portrays the child with
cancer as a hero who has to battle an evil dragon living inside of their body. In this
exciting humorous metaphor, children will also learn about problems and issues that
can arise when a child has cancer. This visual representation of cancer is intended
to initiate conversation about what is happening, and help alleviate the fears the child
may have.

Created, directed and animated by Albert 't Hooft and Paco Vink.
Animation Studio: Anikey Studios.
Producer: il Luster Films Foundation,
executive producers: Arnoud Rijken and Michiel Snijders.
Music: Maarten Spruijt.
Sounddesign and mix: Bob Kommer Studios.
With many thanks: Paul Sanders.
Copyright: il Luster Films / Paultje en de Draak Foundation / Anikey Studios. All rights reserverd.

j vimeo.com/54352642

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