This film was shot on the JVC GY-HM 100u. 24p. This file is a medium quality 720p version. Shot at 1080p. This is a lower quality version, due to upload restrictions. Graded using Magic Bullet Looks from Red Giant. Edited in FCP.

We used an Audio Technica A-T 897 microphone to capture live audio. We also used the wind-cutting feature of the JVC to get cleaner audio when shooting.

The M1 Garand used in the film was a prop used in Saving Private Ryan which we used on loan from a museum. The uniforms were also on loan from the same museum.

The budget for the film was about 150 dollars which was mostly used to set dress the first scene, and on the equipment needed to create the bullet hit effects.

As the uniforms were on loan from a museum, we had to add the blood effects in post because we couldn't get the uniforms dirty.

We shot the film on three shooting days in mid January 2010, with a skeleton crew of 1-3 people. It was all shot within 2.5 miles of Taylor University in Upland IN.


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