la vallée éternelle / the eternal valley

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la vallée éternelle / the eternal valley

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the origin of the eternal Valley ...

It is a pristine valley in the heart of the black Perigord, in the South West of France. The place called, les Eyzies ( ) is world famous for the discovery of the cro magnon man, our direct ancestor, so it became a wellknwon place of our origins. It is a Unesco World Heritage of Humanity.

The heart of the eternal valley is called gorge d’enfer. It is surrounded by fields and forests. It has been looked after by the doctor Jacques Leclerc for more than 40 years now. It is a beautiful and organic valley…

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the origin of the eternal Valley ...

It is a pristine valley in the heart of the black Perigord, in the South West of France. The place called, les Eyzies ( ) is world famous for the discovery of the cro magnon man, our direct ancestor, so it became a wellknwon place of our origins. It is a Unesco World Heritage of Humanity.

The heart of the eternal valley is called gorge d’enfer. It is surrounded by fields and forests. It has been looked after by the doctor Jacques Leclerc for more than 40 years now. It is a beautiful and organic valley where people love to walk, run, breath fresh air, re connect with the beauty and healing power of unspoiled Nature and do all sorts of outdoor activities.

One of the most ancient calendar of humanity has been found there, near a tiny spring called l’éternelle. After years of studies, my father published in a book his discovery : the spring of l’eternelle is one of the first spring known by modern humans in Europe, more than 30 000 years ago is was naturally pure, among the purest spring water in Europe.

The locals believe that people who drink its water live longer and in good health. The astonishing discovery we made is that it is probably true. People here drink lots of wine, don’t do sport, eat a lot of fat , specially duck fat, but they live much older and healthier than the average population in the world ! It places the Eternal valley among the top hot spots of longevity in the world, like the Okinawa Island in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica...

The story of the eternal valley is loaded with examples of records of longevity. It seems to defy the time. In a moment deep crisis of our models, like today, on all levels, social, economic and environmental, the eternal valley stands out and show the way for our future, like it did so many times in the past.

All the civilizations have learned the hard way that their future belonged to those who had stayed faithful to the Nature.

This is one of the “secret” here, a secret that we are now sharing after years of conservation and researches. A secret re discovered, but never forgotten.

Today, the most advanced medical researches show that our ability to live long healthy & happy comes from the application of several ancient wisdoms which all together could explain why the habitants of the eternal valley beat longevity records.

These ancient wisdoms are today shared by leading doctors and geneticists who work on longevity. Among these researchers Dan Buettner, Aubrey de Grey, Cynthia Kenyon, David Wolfe who recently presented their findings on TED.

The first is that we can only be and stay healthy if we live in an healthy and natural environment, where the air, the water and the soil are clear from toxins. It is therefore the base of our responsibility to keep them likewise, or reverse the damages which have been done, detoxificating helping them to heal naturally.

The second is to understand that caring and loving are healers. Our relationship with our communities matters. Being in contact with our family and with the people we love is vital, it activates our genes of longevity and many other processes which contributes to our overall health and longevity. Being important for the others is to project one self in the future, it is to keep living because we have a role to play, it is to keep a sense in living. One of the most dangerous word is “retirement”, it literally kill thousands of people each year prematurely. As we “retire”, we loose our role in the society, a social death which commends a biological degenerescence. The world “retirement” is in fact absent of the vocabulary of the people who live long and healthy. They always have projects and dreams, they work till the end and keep their heads full of dreams and projects, they are curious and open minded.

The third wisdom is about eating local, seasonal and most of all organic, living foods. Organic food is the food that allowed us to thrive since our origin. Organic and wild food is our first medicine, it has the highest level of nutrients and healing properties by far meaning that it keeps our metabolism and immune system at their best. It is only over the past 60 years that the we have introduced artificial processed foods into our diet. As the Unesco underlined last year, for the first time of the human history, our generation will live less than our parents. This is due to the rise of new health issues linked to our lifestyle but most of all our intoxication from tones of artificial molecules which are released every second in our air, soil and water.

It takes more than a thousands of years for our genes to adapt to new foods, so our optimum diet is still what our ancestors used to eat 10 000 years ago, raw, local, wild foods like on the eternal valley. people at that time had nearly no cardio vascular diseases nor cancer.

Famous cooks like Jamie Oliver, economist Michael Pollan from Harvard business school, world renown scientists like François Couplan, economist Jeremy Rifkin, doctor david Shervan-Schreiber ... all agree on the necessity to re connect now and quickly with our ancient wisdom and Nature, a powerful knowledge which had been forgotten by most of us, during the “industrial revolution” and blind consumerism but which is still alive and protected on the eternal valley.

The eternal valley is now a place of research and knowledge sharing on natural longevity, probably the first of its kind on the planet.
It is a very innovative project, a model that conciliate the creation of good economic, environmental and social values all contributing to one another.

Any one can join on the Facebook page “la vallée éternelle” , participate, access to the pro longevity research results, learn and live better.

what have we been doing

In 2004, the Doctors Desmond Kime and 15 other international scientists, found out that more than 55 endangered species where living on the eternal valley. What used to be seen as just a beautiful valley with a prehistoric interest, was now a symbol of life. The bio diversity of a place is an expression of its harmony, of its success as a model. The water of l’éternelle is of course one of the keys of the valley and our work, it provides fresh and pure water to million of beings who thrive there ...

in 2004, in the middle of our researches, we discovered “by chance”, that there was a project of building houses right in the heart of the eternal valley, on the source of the springs ! Some local authorities had planed to cut down its forests, to build houses and artificial infrastructures.

This project would have destroyed for ever the precious natural balance of the eternal valley and its pro longevity power.

We had to go fast.

There was an emergency, a risk of loosing for ever what we all loved. We created a grassroots organization and a Facebook community, started to make home made videos to share on the social networks to alert the public and the local authorities. After few months of sharing the information and doing presentations, we were heard by regional governor, Ms. Abolivier, who with all our discoveries in hand commended to keep the whole valley natural.

In 2010, during the United Nations international year of biodiversity, the eternal valley project was selected among the best action for the conservation of wild life and the sustainable innovation models. It received the Patagonia / Tides foundation grant which was the clear sign that the eternal valley was now saved and that our vision was right and was gaining recognition, but had also touched people all over the planet.

Wild and Raw Organic Honey

The link between bio diversity and our longevity is not easy to understand as it requires a fairly wide scientific knowledge and also because we have been used to live day by day, with few considerations to what will happen to us tomorrow. The fact is that we build day by day, our future. We become what we eat and what we breathe, we have the society we have voted for, not at a political level, but as a results of our daily choices, our lifestyle and thoughts.

As many in the world, Doctor. Peter Molan, professor of biochemistry, one of the world specialist of the use of raw honey in medicine, believes that organic and wild Honey is in the top 5 of the word’s super foods, Super foods are just simple natural foods which have the highest level of health benefits. Honey has naturally more than 300 healing properties and is mots of the time part of the diet of the people that live more than 100 years in good health. Doctor John Anderson, remarked: "There is nothing in the world that could beat honey as an aid to defy old age. “Keep bees and eat honey if you want to live long”. In fact, beekeepers live longer than anybody else.

Throughout our history and civilizations, honey has always been a super food. One very important property of honey is that it contains natural super prebiotics, which help our digestive system to thrive, and we know today that our digestive system is responsible for more than 80% of the power of our immune defenses and therefore directly linked with our health and longevity !

But the honey bees are disappearing fast.

The phenomenon is called CCD, colony collapse disorder. Over the past 20 years we have lost 80% of the world’s population of bees . This is mainly due to the introduction of toxins to our environment like pesticides, genetically modified crops and all sort of chemicals which also intoxicate ourselves in return. Bees are central to our life as they polinize more than 70% of all the food we eat. As Albert Einstein said “when bees will disappear , man will only have few years to survive”.

Bees transfer into the honey they produce the healing properties of the flowers they visit. It means that the more we preserve the bio diversity, the more we will get the pro longevity / healing properties of the bee production, honey of course but also royal jelly, pollen .... now we had the missing link.

Unfortunately today, more than 90% of the honey we buy is also made by bees who are transported from places to places in the world, especially in monocultures, a threat for the bio diversity, only to increase production and profit in the short term, but at the end making a very poor honey.

On the valley we wanted to apply the longevity wisdoms to the bees themselves, first by keeping the air, the fresh spring water, the soil, but also by the conservation of the bio diversity that surrounds them.

Also the bees live all their life in the valley they were born, with the flowers they know , with their family, the 2nd. longevity wisdom. We have therefore called the honey of the eternal valley “family honey”, as it is made by happy bees who stay in family !

and after ?

This honey is 100% wild, raw and organic of course, but also100% non profit, probably the first in Europe and will be ready next fall. It is currently being studied by 3 scientists, one from the Pierre & Marie Curie longevity and anti aging research laboratory in Paris.

We are now re opening one of the central piece of the eternal valley, gorge d’enfer to the public so anyone can see where the honey comes from, discover how it is made, understand , learn, replicate the model at home.

The eternal valley is at the opposite of the old models where the aim was to convert life into business, we aim to convert business into life.

An long list of scientists , business leaders, have been invited with journalists to discuss about the discoveries on the healing and pro longevity properties of wild organic honey and the family honey of the eternal valley.

The presentations will be done in the wild on the valley, under the prehistoric rock shelters and transmitted live on video channels and social networks.

The web site will gives the opportunity to any one to keep up with the wisdoms and further discoveries on longevity, book the fresh and wild honey of the eternal valley, become a member of our non profit organization and participate.

All the profit made by the honey sales is invested in the conservation of the wilderness and bio diversity, being on the valley or given to other associations that share the same vision for the future of our societies.

The honey of the eternal valley is part of the 1% for the planet network, ( ) , a gathering of thousands of companies, celebrities like the music artist Jack Johnson, who give one percent of their income to the protection of the wilderness in the world.

We have been supported by the Patagonia team and great wildlife and outdoor conservation associations, such as Tides, Sepanso,EOCA, the EU comission, local environmental activists and opinion leaders, so it is important to share with them now.

We are also working hand in hand with the French government to participate to a wider project called Grand Site, which aims to add extra conservation and value to the whole area around the valley.

Anyone can benefit from our work. You can go on the valley to make freely your jogging or trekking in a beautiful and healthy surrounding, you can learn about longevity and get some of the best food products for you, you can teach your friends and family on how to make your own honey, you can participate and follow our discoveries even if you live on the other side of the planet for free.

We are here to inspire , to share. Leading actions are now based on sharing & giving. Doing thins is useless if we don’t find a propound sense in what we do, share it with others and protect our planet, our home.

At the end, we all have a little “eternal valley” in our heart, the memory of a beautiful place of Nature to protect, a place where we remember how the much Nature is vital to us, where we are happy and can re connect to the true essence of life, where we would like to be right now.

we are the generation who will reconcialiate mankind with the Earth.

It is now time to act fast and do what ever we can to move into the next level of our evolution, being an individual, a non profit organization or a large multinational we must all do something, be activists of our future.

from la vallée éternelle
les Eyzies / France

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