Experimental Moon Images

Hello everybody !!!

"Winter begins as the sun enters the constellation of Capricorn. Symbolically, Capricorn is linked to the summits, to rocky peaks, but also to deep caverns, to grottos that open into the bowels of the earth. It is in the belly that a woman carries and forms her child, and it is also in the belly, in the hara centre, that the Christ-child is formed within us.

During the rest of the year, nature is intensely active, but with the approach of winter much of this work stops. The days grow shorter, the nights longer; it is a time to meditate and gather one's thoughts. As all of nature retreats, it allows us to penetrate the depths of our being and find the conditions for the birth of the divine Child." Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Good materializing Moon and Winter energies to all of you !!!


PS: The song is "Es wird schon glei dumpa", an Austrian Christmas song, sung by Männergesangsverein Wolfsberg. Good inspirations to all of you !!!



j vimeo.com/18093944

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