Experimental Moon Images

I shot the Supermoon in Miami. This was using the Gh2 and the 100mm end of the Olympus Zoom.

I completely cocked up the settings and had it accidentally bracket 3 shots, 1 every 2 seconds meaning I am trying to fix it in post. Bracketing is fine if they are one after other to get high dynamic range but not every 2 seconds hence my post nightmare!

This is where I am up to. It's looking a hell of a lot better than it did to start with but I need to work a lot more on it, especially the odd speed changes.

But it's ok, there is another one in 18 years!!

This was cropped in post to make shot longer via photojpeg export of original resolution in FCP.

Music Brian Eno: Stars

j vimeo.com/21293333

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