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I recently made a black and white infrared stopmotion video [ ] and thought it'd be cool to try it again only in colour mode. I saw a video on Vimeo where someone had tweaked the colour settings on their camera so it wasn't entirely red. After playing around with the settings on my Olympus EPL1 I realized that in fully manual mode using the 'Kelvin' colour setting I could get some interesting effects so green became light blue, blue became red, and white stayed white. It was a really cool effect! So I made a stopmotion/timelapse video entirely consisting of photos using that setting. Here's the result.
METHOD/EQUIPMENT: I used an Olympus EPL1 Pen camera with a Panasonic Lumix f/1.7 20mm pancake lens and an infrared filter screwed on the lens.

For my previous videos I attached the camera to my bike using a manfrotto super clamp, but this time I made a makeshift tripod dolly out of a wheeled zimmerframe. It looked ridiculous but did the job. ;-) Here are some photos of it:
CAMERA SETTINGS: As the EPL1 isn't very sensitive to infrared light I had to keep the aperture at f/1.7 with the shutter as slow as possible. For the motion shots I could get away with 1/60th without blurring only with the ISO at 1600 or 2000, so some scenes have a lot of noise. For the stationary shots I lowered the ISO to between 400-800 with the shutter slowed down to between 1" and 1/30th sec. When rotating the camera from a fixed position I kept the shutter speed and ISO low, took photos in continuous shot mode, stopped taking photos to rotate the camera a few degrees, then resumed taking photos to avoid blurring.

I used the continuous shot mode, but the EPL1 doesn't take a cable release, so I used a makeshift device that physically holds the shutter button down:
SOFTWARE: I converted the image sequence into a video file using AVIDEMUX [a free linux program], then I used the Virtual Dub deshaker plugin filter to smooth out the footage. Then I compiled the video clips together into a final video using Open Shot Video Editor [a free linux program].

LOCATIONS: The video begins at the Golden Jubilee bridge overlooking the South Bank end by the Royal Festival Hall. Then across the bridge, then a rotation at the traffic island by Trafalgar Square, then a stationary scene by the Pavilion, then some scenes in Regent's Park, then in St James's Park, then at Primrose Hill, and ending at Horsenden Hill with a distant view of London.

Here's my flickr album containing some photos that form part of this video:

MUSIC: I made the music for the video using virtual string instruments controlled by my electric midi piano. Hope you like it.

On soundcloud:


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