Stop Motion

The mission here was to create a bouncing head with pigtails. I failed completely, instead creating a jumping head.

Though my partner has been sculpting very nice foam latex puppets complete with wood and wire armatures for our BIG PROJECT, this is the first puppet I have ever made with such a thing. I do not understand how people keep the wires inside the clay. The thing was very unwieldy, and fell apart on the apex of the jump.

I also bumped my camera somehow, or it slipped on the tripod, or something, so I had to go in frame by frame and level it out. This creates a funny kind of effect when I multiplied the character.

I normally hate it when people add stock filters to things, but the lopsided fake film scratches and desaturation really distract you from the artifacts resulting from my image duplication. So I hope, anyway.

Also, I was using too dirty and too long a lens. At least now I know better. These are all shot on an NEX 5, as will our BIG PROJECT likely be.

Any comments, suggestions, or critiques are, always, more than welcome.


In preparation for our big stop motion project, I've been doing some silly little exercises loosely based on those in Ken Priebe's book, the Art of Stop Motion Animation.

They aren't much to look at, but I'm hoping the series of them will show dramatic improvement and a nice build up to our actual project.

I promise better things are about to come- these initial ones are meant only to show where we started.

Music: Into Infinity "ear" loop by Ricky Dollars (


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