RC Helicopter Aerial Photography

Little video of Helicam -team touring the world: Ville MJ Hyvönen, Kristjan Tiimus, Mart Seger.

Helicam - close range aerial cinematography using custom build remote controlled helicopters.
See our showreel: vimeo.com/57131792

Making of camera by: Markus, Pasi, Jouni, Ville, Barrett, Andy, and many others. Edit: Rehab + Ville

Music by Fanu - "Perky Percolator Jam" fanumusic.com

Contains our footage from Flatlight Films vimeo.com/flatlightfilms "Lynx lineup 2014" and "Finland - Land of the Midnight Sun", Nirvana Films "Mahindra - We" vimeo.com/53016153 and Times Of India -ad youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XjUc4QqjsSc and "Roar - the tigers of sundarbans"

j vimeo.com/69188980

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