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Another day, another test. Today I'll test if (in a home studio recording setting) a normal condenser microphone -found in an average podcast studio- is fit for use as a video microphone.

I think this test turned out pretty good. Bare in mind that most of my tests are one take video's, so I slip up in my explanation once or twice.

If you hear a slight echo, you'd be correct. I have to do some insulation for a 'dry' sound. I'd also like to optimize the sound with a basic DBX 166, it'll eliminate the background sounds and make everything sound a bit more punchy (yes I like out board sound conditioning).

Also: 100% edited in iMovie. I did have some trouble inserting the overlaying pictures (all 1920x1080 pixel PNG's). I could fix that by sometimes undoing, than redoing the process.


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