"Udo's diet went wrong " is a short film about human temptations and weaknesses. Don't we all fight ourselves sometimes?
Udo is a fat kid who loves chocolate and struggles to keep up with his diet.
Dietician Dr.Mayer has strictly prohibited chocolate but Udo sees it his own way, he dreams to be flying fast, high and agile just like a dragonfly........

Created by Mirko Faienza

Cinematography-Editing: Mirko Faienza
Grading: Kriss Nanni
Music: Paul Mottram

Dragonflies filmed by Mirko Faienza in different locations, in various open fields.

Udo: Jade Helena Santos Souza
Dr. Mayer: Leonardo Manservisi

Dragonfliy voices:
Udo: Martin Krueger
Bad Udo: Rick Greenfield
Udo b: James Lewis
Dr. Mayer: Michael Pohl

Dragonflies shot in different locations, in various open fields.


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