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I am sure you have been appalled at the violence we have witnessed in the Middle East this week. One of the first and most perceptive challenges to the makers of the provocative film “Innocence of Muslims”, comes from a fellow evangelical pastor and film maker, Steve Martin. On his blog The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, he writes,

“I have no sympathy for anyone who would assassinate a US ambassador. But I have even less sympathy for filmmakers who spread hatred and for pastors who knowingly incite violence.”

He then asks,

“Which is the true story of America? Is it that of hatred that stokes violence, or of friends who join hands across religious lines to work for the good of all? Those who attacked Amb. Stevens, thanks to sociopaths like Terry Jones and filmmaker Sam Bacile, believe we are a violent people bent on domination. Sadly, there is some truth to that perception. But I believe that goodness and love is the true story of America, and certainly of the Evangelical community. Goodness and love, however, rarely make good news. It’s time that they do.”

While the film “The Innocence of Muslims” which denigrates Mohammed, continues to inflame tensions across the Middle East, another incident this week typifies how some Jewish fundamentalists portray Jesus. Vandals from an illegal Jewish settlement near Jerusalem set fire to the entrance door of the Latrun Monastery early Tuesday and spray-painted slogans like “Jesus is a monkey”.

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