Graceful Aging

Face it. We fear dementia as we age. Yet misplacing our keys and forgetting names is not an automatic sign of the Alzheimer’s illness. This Graceful Aging episode introduces viewers to the illness Alzheimer’s and one of its symptoms, dementia. Our guest from the Alzheimer’s Association of America identifies the phases of the illness and its warning signs.

“Diane Grezch, a specialist with the Association clearly explains what to look for and how to accommodate a life if the illness touches a family. She also gives viewers the comfort in knowing the difference between common memory glitches and the actual onset,” says host Gregory Bator. This episode begins a multi-part series that Graceful Aging will air over the next few months on the Alzheimer’s topic.

If the Alzheimer’s touches your family or if you are concerned, don’t miss these shows. “Now, what was I saying….Oh, yes, this episode can help.” Join us.


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