Nickelodeon Australia once again turned to The DMCI for design, motion graphics and post-production for it’s new original local content, ‘Didi and B’ which airs on the pre-school aged channel Nick Jr.

The short-form live-action puppet series, features a super positive butterfly (Didi) and an adorable fuzzy bee (B); who live in a wondrous garden, singing and rhyming about things such as the alphabet, lunch and going to bed.

The DMCI was involved in post production and animation, integrating realistic looking graphic elements into the live action edits. This includes letters, words and objects appearing as if they were real puppetry elements that best friends, Didi and B interact with. The DMCI also played around with environmental compositing and grading included turning day to night with shooting stars and fireflies, the addition of fireworks as well as the integration of magical sparkles and various light rays and elements throughout.

Didi & B, breaks new ground for Nick Jr. with a focus on the visually stimulating set design, and puppets designed to connect with little ones. Regular segments will keep pre-schoolers engaged while learning, and the series will be supported with games and apps, online activities and songs.

Did and B airs regularly on Nick Jr.

Nickelodeon Australia for Nick Jr
Original Concept/Creative Director and Executive Producer: Kristie Phelan
Series Producer: Kala Ellis
Character Design and Opening title Animation: Phoebe Middleton Newell and Paul Newell, Drawing Room One
Series Writer: Abby Pecoriello
Puppeteers: Fiona Gentle and Alice Osborne
Director: Peter Cudlipp
Composer: Sean Peter
DOP: Anna Howard
Set: Odd Studios
Set Design: Julio Himede
Audio Post Production : James Andrews, Labsonics
Puppet Maker: Marea Fowler


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