This is our first (non architectural) showreel which comprises only full CG animations. All that is shown in this video were made (from pre-visualization to final product) by Zblur team.

Stills & more: behance.net/gallery/ZbluReel-2013/5272509

Basically the "extended cut" was supposed to be the sole, but because my brother Martin did not like it (was too slow and contains very long fragments), I decided to assemble this "extreme cut".

Extreme Cut: vimeo.com/zblur/extreme
So if you're too busy you can choose to watch the 40-second version, and if you want to see more, take 2 minutes of your time.

ZbluReel 2013 was featured on The CGBros Channel:

- V&S :: CG Short Film (2011)
- ProRacer :: Official Cinematic Trailer (2011)
- Vehicles & Streets :: Earlier Test Version (2009)
- Realistic CG Character :: Animation & Look Development (2013)
- Army Rage :: Extended Official Cinematic Trailer (2012)
- Army Rage :: Official Cinematic TV Spot (2013)
- Fluid Universe :: In Production (2013)
- Bills for iPhone Application :: CG Animation (2011)
- Bid2Win :: Explainer video (2012)
- Matte Painting :: Test for Hollywood Studio (2011)
- Imperia Online :: Official Cinematic Trailer (2011)
- Some Earlier Stuff :: (2005 - 2009)

j vimeo.com/80686912

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