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Project proposal for Genius Loci Weimar Festival. Please rate and vote here:

This project interprets the ideological spectrum represented by Kruger and Herder as a complex, constantly shifting structure where so-called dividing lines are rendered dynamic, interconnected, and frequently subtle. The building itself plays a part in our story, at times takes on a living, breathing quality. The layering of multiple, disparate elements pays homage to Herder, who saw no conflict in diversity and celebrated German identity while simultaneously opposing bigotry and nationalism.

Our non-linear narrative emphasizes the complicated history of the Herderplatz space, wherein idealism and prosperity, and their traditional counterpoints of racism and destruction, do not conform to binary models of eternally opposed “Good versus Evil.” If contemporary vantage points are a luxury, the most insidious may be the retroactive isolation of massive systemic violence to a lone historical figure like Ohm Kruger.

Adolph Winkler and his capital gains are thus pointedly included— industrial patterns and echoes reference the questionable system in which one can attain great success while ultimately idolizing the oppressor of fellow human beings. We highlight Winkler’s tribute to Kruger with figurative outlines bearing witness for people displaced by that system, whom history has rendered faceless.

Further highlights showcase Herder’s individuality, specifically evoking his groundbreaking ideas of personal freedom and historical divergence in certain aspects from fellow Enlightenment scholars. By extent, we invite examination of modern notions and divisions imposed on this past era and place.


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