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The biggest production video we've ever released, and one to close off 2013. This video covers Speed Creed's #prideof45 event, which was held on August 18th, 2013. Similar to the event in 2012, we've organized a red/white convoy for a portion of the event, but this time focusing on giving appreciation to war veterans who made Indonesia an independent nation in 1945. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds of this piece, and remember -- share, like, and subscribe. Use #prideof45 for all of your social media outlets to spread our pride of the flag! Different rides, united by passion, together in celebration -- welcome to Speed Creed.

Speed Creed is a portal dedicated to sports car owners and enthusiasts in Indonesia. We have a dedicated media team, event organizing team, and a community of enthusiasts for sports cars in Indonesia - a portal like no other in the country.

Read and view pictures form this event: speedcreed.net/forums/cont...
Aerials by Sukaterbang Team.

Special thanks to our community partners, Broser, HDCI, Flavor Bliss, Yayasan Sahabat Veteran, our media partner, Sukaterbang, all the members, and many more. Like and share if you want to support our veterans and nation!

Adventure Club -- Gold
Future World Music -- Dream Chasers
Cash Cash -- Kiss the Sky

j vimeo.com/82943131

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