OOO yes, one of my best trips ever. From 23 November till 9 December
we made a trip to Swiss, Cresciano, together with Hari, Miro and Elka.
In the begging it was constantly raining for three days. We were
really frustrated. But after that the rain stopped and everything was
perfect. The temperature was from -3 to 5 degrees.
I really wanted to climb "Confessions". I had tried it a year ago but
it was really hot then and I couldn't do any of the hard moves. This
year I succeeded after a couple of tries.
Good climbing and for the rest of the team. Hari made his first 7C
Arcadia Stand and Miro did his first 7B. Elka's mission was to support
me but anyway she succeeded in drinking 12 l. of wine in just 14 days :)
Here are the boulders that i did in this trip:
Confessions 8B
Frank`s wild years 8A+
La Boule 8A
Gecko 7C+
Arcadia SDS 7C+

Really thanks to the company „PIK3000“ the distributor for Petzl, Beal, BULGARIA
and Wild Climb

The video is shot with my new nikon d7000


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