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From here we headed up onto the rocky plateau above and started scouting for Godfrey Tank. It was overland across the rocky range looking for cairns to lead us to Godfrey Tank. I did the long walk to a far cairn and then into a valley finding the rest on a well worn path to the tank and pools. Godfrey’s Tank, despite its name is not a man-made structure but a natural rock pool.
Godfrey Massie, also a member of Carnegie's team, discovered the rock pool that now carries his name. It comprises a large round shaped bowl in the narrow steep gorge. From our location, flowing water would plunge 15 metres or so down into the main pool. The sheer walls have been chiselled with the names of explorers and drovers alike, all of whom passed this way in the last 100 years. In the upper reaches of the creek, large pools of water stand. The surrounding rocks have petroglyphs and rock carvings of indeterminate age etched into them again attesting to the long term habitation of this special place. It was a great place to spend a while.

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