College Filmmakers


An echo of love that is built upon past bonds and will re-ignited our two protagonists love from Childhood Nostalgia. The opening sequence shows children at play, which is one of the most heart-warming sights however this is eventually cut short when one of children has to leave. They live their separate lives as normal as possible, but with the lingering and subconscious thought of their childhood love. Un-intentionally, the couple meet again after both experiencing life troubles, they both find comfort in each other's company; this sparks their love for one and another.

Wrote, Directed and Shot by:

Aaron Rogers (Myself)
Jack Neale
Mitchell Armstrong
Melvyn Connell

All visuals are owned by us as the original creators.

The Music used is not owned by us and no copyright infringement was intended!

Purely for Educational use!

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