Underwatervideos diving is cool

Cave diving at Ojamo mine. Cave diving in mines requires training, redundant kit, self sufficiency, team play and well-rehearsed skills to handle any emergency under water and under rock.

The Helmet route is a series of 13 mine halls arranged like pearls (Finnish: helmet) on a string. The ceiling of the halls is at a depth of 28 meters. Ojamo is a huge limestone mine which was in operation fom 1925 until 1965. During that time 8.7 million tons of limestone was excavated. After operations ceased, the mine was flooded by crystal clear water. There are uncount kilometers of tunnels and the maximum depth is 238 meters. Now the quarry and mine serves as a leading technical diving facility operated by volunteers. See minedivers.com/

Feel free to shut down your lights, lie on your belly, calm down your breath rate and watch this mine diving video at full HD resolution on a large screen. You might want to allow the video to load first in order to see it without any pauses in playback. Or, you can watch it at standard definition, the default.

j vimeo.com/49537393

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