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In July of this year, Walmart revealed an ambitious plan: to catalog and publicize the sustainability of every product it sells. In a 3-part rollout, Walmart proposes to:

1. measure the ecological and social footprint of its suppliers;
2. form a third-party consortium to analyze the data; and
3. create a comprehensive, globally-relevant Sustainability Index to trump all others.

If this plan is achieved, the Walmart Sustainability Index has the potential to permanently change the way American companies do business.

At this time, 100,000 Walmart suppliers have received a survey fielding 15 questions on the suppliers' greenhouse gas emissions, waste reduction, natural resource sourcing and socially responsible production.

greenREACH, a green education company, wants to help you get a grip on what those questions mean for your business.

In this 2-Part Free Webinar Series, greenREACH covers:

* Step-by-step analysis of each of 15 questions;
* Easy-to-understand explanation of each of 4 sustainability categories; and
* Tangible tools to assist with next steps to keep Walmart as your client.
* A 15-minute live Q&A session with Green Experts from the greenREACH network.
* Personalized follow-up from our Green Experts about your company's specific questions and needs.

Please note that video is only a teaser; to purchase the full webinar, please click here:


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