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When Greg Goodman called us up and asked us to shoot his Redwood Forest Wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the YMCA Camp Campbell I knew it would be a wedding to remember.

The event kicked off with a hearty breakfast in the lodge. Shortly thereafter, arts and crafts began in one of the small huts; tie dying shirts with “Camp Greg and Carrie” stamped on them and creating custom cards for the couple were two of the main attractions. As the day moved on other activities such as archery, card games, and the infamous mole hole were rounded. (We even ended up going down the imole hole with one of the cameras as we couldn't resist.)

After some fun and sun with the games there was an amazing salad bar and fresh lunch. I was extremely surprised at the quality of the food and catering provided by the YMCA. Two big thumbs up!

As the day wore on Greg and Carrie began to get ready. There was a first look between the two followed by one of the most unique wedding ceremonies I have ever seen. The ceremony was held in a small red wood grove at the camp with log benches. On the benches were little containers of bubbles that people could blow during the ceremony. There were 20 people in the bridal party and every pair walked down the aisle to a different Beetle's song and did their own unique dance with colored streamers.

Carrie's Dad led the ceremony in a Hawaiian t-shirt and as Greg and Carrie exchanged heart felt vows we could feel the emotion of the audience. The ceremony ended with stepping on a glass (Jewish Tradition) and all twenty bridal members waiving their streamers up and down as the couple ran through. Reception and food were followed by ice cream, hora (Traditional Jewish Dance where they are raised in air on chairs) and a crazy night of dancing with break dancing grandmas and more of the sort.


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