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Usually I never concentrate on recording plain plates and decorations or posh brand names but I do pay attention on people's reactions, behaviors. For me a captured smile, or a look, a gulp gives more, a lot more then saving entire rooms without people, without life. Somebody likes it, others not.

I am said that I create too melancholic and sad films but I am convinced, the Wedding Day is not only about having a big party with friends and relatives, with all the people you love and having fun where people drink a lot. It's only about the 5% what you see, but behind the scenes, in the deep or in the past all the rest 95% is being hided from the audience.
The responsibility of your judge will determine your whole life from the day you said " I will" and it's a huge, enormous responsibility but most of the people live on the surface. In most cases, the stress can be bitten in the air during the preparation or later on when the bride walking though in the aisle the fiance almost falls apart... all these things are missing in the most wedding films I know. Putting a lovely happy music is simply unable to reproduce these up and down feelings!
At Ruth & Mark I felt, I might be able to give a lot more about this film. Not only a documentation of their Wedding Day but glancing back at their recent past about all those hard days.

I am so grateful that they let me to create a film which is a lot more about the common past and the responsibility. Thank you!

Roland Mihalszky
Helga Mihalszky

Roland Mihalszky

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