The concept for Metroid Brainclone Genocide spawned from an addiction to video games and an intense love for filmmaking. However, it wasn’t until a Turbosquid harvested mesh of Nintendo’s Samus Aran was rigged by John C. Martin in 3DStudio Max for use in iClone that my two true loves could meet for the first time. I placed the Samus model into a Daz 3D scene that was converted for use in iClone with 3DXchange and just thought it would be cool to give the character some idle animation and light the scene. That was December 28th 2007, 5 months to the day later Metroid Brainclone Genocide was complete.

The story follows a side mission assigned to Samus to rid the galaxy of MotherBrain once and for all. Little does she know that the collective MotherBrain is a group of five creatures; and her attempt at saving the human race may end before it begins? Join Samus as she travels to distance worlds and battles new and exciting enemies, brought to life in the real-time production environment, Reallusion’s iClone.


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