Written/Directed by Pritam Jaykar.
(Krrish Spyker = Pritam Jaykar = Same person :)

[PARENTAL ADVISORY - explicit language.]

Ian Anderson suddenly finds himself in some strange white room, with a creepy guy sitting across him. The creepy guy offers to play a game that can earn Anderson loads of money. He asks Anderson a question which is a "billion dollar question". But the rules of this game are different..

Now Anderson has to give a satisfactory answer to the question and he can win one billion dollars! But if he loses..he would have to pay a "price"

The question asked has 3 options to choose from..

Q - Who is Chris Crocker?

Options -
a] A clone of Britney Spears,

b] A gay dude on,

c] An admirer of Britney Spears.

"Billion dollar question"

Game platform - Secondlife []

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