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These scenes are taken at the Østensjøvannet Nature reserve May 22 2012 in Oslo Norway. Considerably warmer today above 20 deg C. When arriving at the parking lot outside the reserve I met two other bird interested people, they were after the Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus, Toppdykker) , one of them armed with a 600 mm in camouflage colours and a sturdy tripod. Discussing video and wind noise he recommended a wool sock, that's what I already has been testing, only remains to get a fixation on the Sonys internal mics. They walked to their Great Crested Grebe place. Many people out today ,kindergarten, joggers, people with their dogs. I walked around the southern part and came to the spot where I saw these two swans, mother swan busy with fixing, building on the nest, sometimes checking on the egg status. Father swan waited a few meters away.
I remained on this spot during the whole recording, traffic noise sounds, air planes flying sounds, sometime parents stopping explaining to the kids about the white birds.
During this a bit longer than short film length I also got some scenes in front of the swans from an Eurasian Coot (Sothøne) with her chicks diving in the water then feeding the chicks . 26:00 Later they appears at 43:00 ,then food is taken from some bushes and given to the chicks. To top this day some of my former work colleagues discovered me and we had some talking. They were chasing Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis).

Some points may be navigated in Vimeo player according to Vimeo, clicking on the mm:ss in the description. Sometimes it works and other times not for me. Anyway it can function as a time content description.

03:34 Swan mother checking on eggs turning eggs
09:10 Swan mother checking on eggs turning eggs
11:58 Child voice asking parent
14:57 Wide view zoomed out
15:24 Father swan
17:22 Swan mother checking on eggs turning eggs
26:00 Eurasian Coot diving feeding chicks
33:00 Swan nest
34:00 Swan mother seems to react on dogs barking
38:17 Swan mother seems to take a nap
43:00 Eurasian Coot getting food from bushes feeding chicks

About Østensjøvannet en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%98stensj%C3%B8vannet
About the area Østensjøvannet ostensjovannet.no/besok/english-webcopy.pdf

j vimeo.com/42629718

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