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house wren dropping food (spiders) off for the hatchlings to eat. neat how you can hear the hatchlings beg for food once the wren gets inside the box.

still experimenting with 500D video capabilities - manual focus isn't easy.

cool facts:
House Wrens nest inside tree holes and nest boxes. As the season progresses their nests can become infested with mites and other parasites that feed on the wren nestlings. Perhaps to fight this problem, wrens often add spider egg sacs into the materials they build their nests from. In lab studies, once the spiders hatched, they helped the wrens by devouring the nest parasites.

House Wren - All About Birds ( allaboutbirds.org/guide/House_Wren/lifehistory )

Filmed with the Canon 500D at 400mm, using an induro AB1 tripod and an induro video-like head.

j vimeo.com/5445934

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