HD Nature

NOTICE: being a basic user you’re watching this video in 720p, download the original file in the description.

I took my camera with me for one week and shot in all kinds of environments and with different lenses to see how RAW video performs.

The good thing about RAW is that you get a lot more details and actual resolution compared to the native awful H.264 recording but even more important a great freedom in post-production, the 14-bit images color correct and sharpen beautifully. Also in low light shots when you use a high ISO you get a natural and pleasant grain instead of muddy compressed digital noise.

Unfortunately, due to the limit of the SD reader on the 550D, you cannot record more than 1-2 seconds (depending on the resolution).

Editing process:
- Extracted DNG images with MLV Converter
- Processed the DNG images with Lightroom and exported them in TIFF 8-bit sRGB.
- Imported the TIFFs into Premiere Pro and exported the video file in H.264 50Mbit/s VBR (2-pass)

HDR: it means I tried to simulate a virtual HDR shot by controlling the under and over exposed part of the image. When you (lightly) overexpose a shot with RAW you can recover almost all the information that is stored and recover the clipped highlights.

Moiré removal: I obviously didn’t remove moiré itself but the reddish artifacts it creates on patterns.

Considering the high amount of data, Vimeo and YouTube don’t allow you to enjoy the full quality due to their compression so I suggest you download the original exported video file (2.5GB) from here: goo.gl/3mTUfz

j vimeo.com/94863538

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