Swarmmy workshop is one of the workshop in HyperBody, TU Delft. The studio is directed by Nimish Biloria and Henriette Bier.

The workshop mainly uses Processing as the digital tool to explore the possibility of using swarm behaviors in architectural design. These are the experimental processes during the workshop. Basically using the Plethora(built by Jose Sanchez), Toxiclibs, Hemesh and other open source libraries to build up the system.

The workshop exploring different things with the swarm behavior. Such as try to use the center of the voronoi as the attractors of the swarm to get the form.

The swarm furniture(chairs) are based on the attraction behavior of the swarm. The structure line was built up first to give the swarm the guideline to follow and build them up with the mesh.

More info here:

great music by Lu Luming:


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