The world is obsessed with fame. TV and magazines are there for us to delve into the minuteti of our favorite stars. Friends gossip about people they never met but who they feel they know because they see them every day on reality TV shows. These lives seem exciting and attainable. The film is about highlighting the fact we are performers in our daily lives.

The girls in the film are all drama students and therefore are comfortable being looked at. They are also good friends. They have great fun quoting continuously from their favorite films each inviting the other into their fantasy world. Whilst walking through the inspiring environment of Wimpole Hall they chat about scenes from films and move effortlessly from real dialogue into film quotes. By moving from quoting the films to talking to themselves they are blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. This gap is being bridged more and more by our celebrity culture. The fantasy world of films, for some people, becomes a reality.

I have used different types of editing techniques, filters, angles and colours to echo the blur between reality and fantasy. These techniques encourage the eye to see in different ways, single point perspectives, plural perspectives, in focus, out of focus etc., Fantasy is promoted as shapes turn slowly, mesmerizing the eye as it scaddicaly jumps around the screen not focusing on any point particularly promoting a pluralized viewing which allows the viewer to pause and let unconscious thoughts come to the surface. The clear close up shots of the girls laughing and chatting amongst themselves are in real time where the dialogue matches what we see. This editing promotes a false type of reality. Color is introduced to make it exciting like magazines, Hollywood films and glamour.
My thanks to Wimpole Hall, National Trust and George Potirakis.

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