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Short interview with Mathieu Kassovitz star and director of Rebellion by Steve Clarke for Flush the Fashion
When the simple telling of truth, is an act of Rebellion.

A thought about stories, being that we are all human (well most of us), stories are predominately universal. And despite contextual details, at their core, historically cyclical. Regardless of our advanced ability to record in ever more increasing formats, the errors of our ways, the inhumanity that Man inflicts upon Man continues it’s carbon copy to digitally cloned ignorant stupidity. This happens to such an extent that it cannot be a mistake, so it must be deliberate. Mathieu Kassovitz’s movie ‘Rebellion’ (which he describes as ‘a grown up version of La Haine’ his 1995 visual opus) admirably attempts to uncover the truth in one such case, the killing of New Caledonian Kanak freedom fighters at the hands of the French Army, and the potential imminent death of the entire Kanak culture.

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