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for the festival of fulldome arts "DImension" in Kaluga (curated by Anna Titovets)

Lumophore is a commissioned full-dome work for the festival of fulldome arts, "Dimension", in Kaluga (curated by Anna Titovets) held at the Kaluga Planetarium and Space Museum in Russia. Originally at 4096 x 4096p, It is shown here without Fish-eye distortion and in square-format at 768 x 768p

more documentation can be found here:

Extending ideas in a previous work, Chromophore, Lumophore – a fixed media work, explored the potential for inter-modal colour-shape-sound synergies to create an abstract narrative of architectonic forms in relation to sound. A lumophore (also luminophore) is an atom or atomic grouping in a chemical compound that manifests luminescence.


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