Batukaras is one of the most famous beach in Indonesia because of it's relatively "friendly but playable" wave that is suitable for beginner surfer. And this beach also have a really friendly local people and surfer, if you want to try one of Indonesian paradise, you should definitely go here!

While Pangandaran is a lot bigger, longer, and more crowded Beach located 40Km from Batukaras. But this beach also have a bigger and more challenging wave for the next level of surfing experience. It also have a natural conservation area on the edge of it's land area.

Citumang is a river between Pangandaran and Batukaras that is really playable and fun for bodyrafting.

Note: if you want to visit one of these area, try to avoid weekend or even holiday season, you'll know why :)
oh, my friend, Ferry Nurhayat compose a music specially for this video, thanks bro.

Cast & Crew:
Azhar T Pangesti
Sahid Maulana
Agnes Tandia
Karinda Bundcen
Yusuf Ismali
Fajar Sadika
Wing Gantara
Ferry Nurhayat
Mariska Sheila Kellani
Pratama Kusuma Putra
Gemala Juwita
Ponti Ramanta

Filmed by:

Edited by:
Ponti Ramanta

Music by:
Ferry Nurhayat - Tanah Sunda (Epic Version)

-Canon 7D
-Canon 550D
-2X GoPro HD Hero1
-2X GoPro HD Hero2

-Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
-Canon EF 50mm f1.8

-Glidecam HD2000
-DIY Monopod
-Various GoPro mount. & acc.

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