Hand Processing

Loosely based on the greek myth of Prometheus.

It was shot on 16mm film on the Bolex, using Plus-X, Double-X, and Vision2 50D film. The color material was processed by a lab, but the black and white material was all hand processed by me as a negative. The black and white positive portions of the film were hand processed as a negative, then rephotographed off a projector and hand processed again. Everything was then edited together on a Steenbeck with tape splices.

I accidentally pulled one of the rolls out of the developer a little soon (my stupid timer went crazy in the darkroom), so it's a little bright. Also, the telecine was DIY using a projector and my crappy video camera, so the transfer was pretty terrible and had a TON of flicker. I tried to correct it as much as possible in FCP, but nothing can really make it match watching the original. I ended up having to boost the saturation by a huge amount for it to come even close to the original colors, which also made the video camera's noise become extremely noticeable.

This is my longest "real film" project so far, so be patient. There are some really long shots, and you might get bored in a few segments... But all of that is 100% intentional. Hope you enjoy it.

j vimeo.com/10291832

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