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Ready for a new way to experience Iceland? Labrador Iceland is proud to introduce an exciting new kind of photography workshop featuring Bowen Staines, National Geographic contributor, cinematographer, and owner of Don't Panic Films.

With Bowen's photo & video workshops, discover the roads less traveled. Learn creative, original techniques, while avoiding the crowd and capturing some of Iceland's best-kept secrets:

"Each day, participants will be given a list of “objectives” or “missions” for each location, specially tailored to their personal levels of experience. This will allow individuals to branch off and exercise their creativity on their own, while still actively engaging in group activities. I will also be giving an in-depth and comprehensive discussion about the history of each location, its significance to Icelandic culture, as well as folklore and myths surrounding the specific area; it is my hope that each individual leaves my seminar with not only a bigger understanding of photography and cinematography, but of Iceland and Icelandic culture and music, as a whole." -Bowen Staines

Come with your ideas. Leave with your story.
Looking for a new way to experience Iceland?
We can show you.
-Labrador Iceland

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