Quantified Self Show&Tell

Bay Area QS Show&Tell #16 - 10/6/10 at Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.

Matt Haughey from Fuelly kicked off the presentations. Fuelly lets people track, share, and compare their gas mileage data. The data is all public, and a million fillups have been recorded so far. Matt talked about his efforts to move from 18 to 20 mpg - it required a great amount of concentration, and only ended up saving him $6.

What has Matt learned from running Fuelly? After 10 fillups, you know what your average is, so it is a challenge to get people to keep coming back to enter data that doesn't change much. Also, he chose not to have leaderboards of any kind, since they are just an invitation for gaming the system.

j vimeo.com/15883541

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