Science Fiction Short Films

This is a spec trailer for a script Ruth has been working on for a couple of years now. The script is pretty much ready to go, so we thought we should generate some proof-of-concept to show the standard of excellence that we would hold ourselves and our production to if/when we get the opportunity to make the full feature film.

Thanks to all our friends who helped us make this trailer on nothing but the promise of deep appreciation and owed favors. Cast and crew credits below, synopsis at the bottom.

Maggie - Maya Sayre
Blackhole - Bryan Michael Block
Luke - Corbin Jones
Orion - Ben Sostrom

Writer/Director - Ruth Lang
Producer - Max Eberle
Director of Photography - Justin Russell
Gaffer - Cole Pisano
Grip - Jeremy Dempe
Assistant Camera - Colleen Mleziva
Physical Effects - Andrew “Spud” Fenske
Audio - Max Eberle
General Assistance - Derek Rimelspach
Crop Circle Technician - Max Groah
Still Photos - Brandon Tylka
Catering - Norma Lang

Editor - Ruth Lang
Visual Effects - Brad Clapper
Compositing - Max Eberle
Coloring - Justin Russell
Music - John Brown
Sound Mixing/ADR - Max Eberle

Maggie and the Spaceman is a story about a young woman who’s never felt much connection to the world around her. She spends her days dreaming about space and all the wonderful things that might be out there waiting for her. One day, she sees something strange and amazing and, finding herself in a place where her fantasies and realities suddenly coexist, puts her trust in someone she hardly knows to help her find the answers she's looking for.


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