Wild footage at actual speed of the Fire tornado event recorded on September 11 2012 near Mt. Conner Australia (details below) © Chris Tangey 2012

DETAILS: When this "fire tornado" event was recorded, Cameraman Chris Tangey used both 1080i normal speed and 720P slow motion, changing between them several times over that 40 minute period. This means that until now many shots previously seen on television or online were at 2.5 times slower than they actually were on the day. For the very first time a series of wild clips are precisely corrected back to actual, or as-it-happened, speed. The furious flickering of the, at times, 35 metre (110 foot) tower of fire and wind is now evident and explains Tangeys' quote: "I have never seen anything so big, move so fast, in my life"

Important copyright notice: This video was first published in Australia so comes under the Copyright Act Australia (1968) Unlike some other jurisdictions, the Act contains no "fair use" clause so it cannot be published in any form, in any medium, without consent of the copyright holder. We treat, and continue to treat, any copyright breach with the utmost seriousness and will defend our rights vigorously worldwide. If you think your company is too big to bother, others before you have too.


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