DIY Camera Motion Control (Crane - jib ) with stepper or Servo Motors Under Control of a Pc/ Computer / Laptop

This is a test with our MoCap motion control and playback system.

A Panasonic HVX-200 camera (set at 720p, 24pn) was used (although any camera can be used on this system), on our Sparrow Head 400 remote head docked on top of our Power Slide motorized dolly system.

We first recorded the camera dolly, pan and tilt. Then we played the recorded movement back 5 times while recording with the HVX. We only had to do each pass once, as Seth, our Equipment Tech, nailed his marks perfectly for each take.

The 5 takes were then ingested into Final Cut Pro as Pro Res 422 into a new sequence and that's when the tedious compositing fun began. Layering all 5 takes on top of each other with the first shot on top of the FCP timeline, we then had to set keyframes and crop the passes so they blended perfectly. We set our crop lines to the picture frames and wall corners in the background of the shot in order to hide any distortion that may have occurred. (On first viewing you will not see the crop lines, but after a few repeated views and an eye for detail, you might be able to pick them out.)

The filming took about an hour and the editing another hour.


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