DIY Camera Motion Control (Crane - jib ) with stepper or Servo Motors Under Control of a Pc/ Computer / Laptop

A five axes test with Dragonframe software controlling a combination of the eMotimo TB3+ DP S0 , Arduino + Big Easy Driver to make Pan, Tilt, Track, Rotate and Focus movements.
Video is created from the low resolution Dragonframe Jpegs, something to do whilst the changeable weather prevents trips further afield.
Main Parts list
Arduino, 2x BED , TB3, DP S0, Stepper motors:- 26:1 Phidget, 5:1 Phidget, 1:1 Nema 8, 100T focus gear, 10T 0.8Mod spur gear, Dragonframe software, 3x battery, laptop and a little bit of patience + wood burning stove (alight).


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