DIY Camera Motion Control (Crane - jib ) with stepper or Servo Motors Under Control of a Pc/ Computer / Laptop

Attempt at a multi-move video clip with Mantis 2 hardware / software using a single hand held encoder and muliti-pass axes set up.
The encoder / software was set to their coarsest settings and together with using a 100mm macro lens has resulted in some slightly erratic movement that should be curable with more experience. (Pan, Tilt and Roll 600:1 gear ratio)
1) Intial Dolly move created with a start and end keyframe.
2) Pan + Dolly move made with handheld encoder controlling the pan stepper to keep the log in frame.
3) Roll + Pan + Dolly move as above but with encoder controlling the roll stepper to move towards flower heads.
4) Focus + Roll + Pan + Dolly move as above with encoder controlling the focus movement.
5) Run video move with all above axes controlling the camera movements.


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