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Number 2 from a series of 7 Living Poscards from Valsugana
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Have you ever met the cow you got your cheese from?
I may sound silly but in a world where industrialized mass production is our daily reality I can tell you it's quite unique to actually witness where your cheese comes from and meet a Happy Cow! It made my day meeting such a friendly mooing four-feeter grazing fresh grass at total ease, like it should be.

Cow Heidi and Francesco the farmer were so kind to help us telling this genuine story, but with a big wink.

Speaking for Heidi and many other sisters.. They are waiting out there for you!
By the way.. Those cheeses are simply divine!.

Adopt a cow now at

About the project:
With a small contribution you can "adopt" a cow and help the keep the cow happy throughout the summer. There's a big change you wil learn something about cheesemaking, learn to milk and bring home the divine alpine cheese made from your befriended cow's milk!

A part of your contribution will be donated to charity in support of initiatives for unfortunated children.

Find a tourism office and browse the catalog of "Adopt a cow" you'll find all the information needed to meet your cow.

Atf the tourist offices you can buy a voucher of €60. €50 you can spend at the farm of your choice.

To learn more call us at (0039) 0461 593322 or write to the office or go to an office on this map

Every traveler lives the own story
... come to Valsugana
....... because you’ll love yours

StoryTraveler in Valsugana

We believe in the power of telling stories about genuine experiences and emotions one can live in a territory to inspire people.

The tourism board of Valsugana luckily agrees with our philosophy and therefore invited StoryTravelers to come and live their territory for two weeks and discover what this beautiful valley has to offer. Our task is to come up with some creative visual interpretations of what we lived to. Now of course it’s the turn of many others to dive into the plenty of joy.

Filmed in Valsugana, Trentino, Italy

Cow: Heidi
Franceso Lenzi | Malga Casarina
Traveler: Marianna Casarola

A project of Valsugana Tourism
Produced by StoryTravelers:
Edited and Filmed by Caspar Diederik

In collaboration with the following communities of Valsugana: Carzano, Castello Tesino, Pieve Tesino, Roncegno Terme, Ronchi, Samone, Scurelle, Spera, Strigno, Telve, Telve di Sopra, Torcegno.


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