... the title says it all.

I observed this royal swans and their court in Saint Albans ... I was surprised of how little protocol some of their court showed them ... Well, it must be an expression of the traditional court games of intriguing and scheming ...

Did you know that in Britain, the Queen owns the Swans of her kingdom ?? They are royal birds since a statute of 1186 that was reaffirmed by the Act of Swans in 1482. They are under the Queen's protection and until 1998 to kill one of the Queen's swans was treason !!!

So watch out and think of showing great respect when you meet a British royal swan :-)

Good inspirations to all of you :-)


PS: You may also enjoy this video of the swans visiting the Queen: The music of this video is "The Bonny Swans" by Loreena McKennitt.



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