Shot in Iceland, Velour Modular's brilliantly surreal video is a perfect fit for their brand of abstract electropop.

Her: Annabelle Guilhem
Ghilly Monster: Bent Kingo Andersen
Little Death: Birgir Olsen

Director: Cristian Straub
Idea: Cristian Straub & Annabelle Guilhem
Director of Photography: Jakob Süß
Make up Artist: Helen Dögg Snorradóttir
Costume Design: Eina Vera
Editing & Post-Production: Yeah It's Magic

Executive Producer: Henry Páll Wulff
Producer: Lilja Häfele, Cristian Straub, Annabelle Guilhem
Production Assistant: Heiður María Rúnarsdóttir

Production Companies: No Rational Product
Rental: Kukl, Trailerpark Studios
Production cars provided by: Hassó Car Rental

Shot on Location in Iceland.

Special Thanks to
Birgitta Olsen, Birgir Olsen, Bent Kingo, Ólis at Saebraut, Pétur Kristján Guðmundsson, Daney Björk Haraldsdóttir

©2013 No Rational Product


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