a rare interview from a little known AWESOME! band called "distructo".

this interview was secretly recorded in North Korea while distructo were touring the NORTH (illegally)/SOUTH Korean boarder in 2007, and it is only now that we were able to obtain a copy!
While the band were touring they met some north korean media pirates who expressed an interest in videoing an interview for the fans.
The pirates produced the whole thing (with ancient looking equipment. Their version of the internet was not pretty..) and the guys weren't allowed at all to reference where they were, hence Matt says "germany" at the end, and in the credits it says "berlin".
But Matt & Jodi really were there. They swear it. They said their Korean fans are the best.

they're big in Korea..!
who knew.
their new album "if this isn't for ever, what is?" is coming together. their music can be heard here


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